Health Club- ‘A New Approach’

Leisure vs Functional Training

Where to begin?

A battle is raging in a race to compete for ‘best gym’ status throughout Ireland and around the world. With an estimated $75 billion dollars worth up for grabs world wide, it is easy to see how market saturation is common in certain countries. Ireland is a small country where reputation is everything. The gym industry is growing at an astronomical rate. The health club-type gyms (using cross trainers and machine based weights) have a relatively new rival chasing their tails. The Functional Training Studios.

Since 2010 we have seen a massive trend in the ‘functional training’ phenomenon. The fitness industry has lent itself to a completely new way of training with the likes of Crossfit and Insanity taking a firm foothold. The average leisure centre gym goer now has more choices than ever. Now you can trade ‘treadmills‘ for ‘tricep dips’, ‘pec decks’ for ‘push-ups’ and ‘leg press’ for ‘squat and press’ and so on.


So why exercise at all? Really?

Sounds like an obvious question but I do ask this question all the time. The response is usually one or all of these three things 1). Tone Up 2). Loose Weight and 3). Stay Healthy For The Children.

Have you heard yourself saying any of these things during your first consultation with your instructor/trainer? Typically you go to a health club, you get a 20/30 minute assessment and then you are given the tour of the facility with a 4, 6 or 8 week program.

So where do you turn if the trainer is not around? Can you remember all the exercises? Were you supposed to breathe out when you lift or when you begin? These are usually the questions that when asked leaves you more lost than when you came in. So is there resolution?

Yes. You can find another instructor, find a personal trainer or spend time researching youtube for best practise on squatting! Sound good? Maybe not.

What if there is another option?

So you search the web and come across a ‘functional training studio’. You come in expecting to see treadmills, cross trainers and smith machines and you see nothing! You shouldn’t be scared. Here is where a little leap of faith is vital. Studio exercise-training such as Titan Fit can best be described as small group personal training. The emphasis is on our community working together with a common goal. (Feeling and looking great).

The concept of group training is relatively new and does have one distinct advantage over ‘leisure or health centres’. It brings you on a journey. A journey where the people around you are being pushed to their limit, just like you. In this group scenario you feel empowered by your common goal. A personal trainer will be ensuring safe and appropriate exercises and techniques so that all you have to do is go for it!

Did you know that most leisure centres make their money when you do not use your membership!? It’s a numbers game, and while personal training studios also need to make money, they can best do it through the obvious results their clients are getting.


Gym of  The Future

I think people need and will always need personal training in some form. More than likely a ‘hybrid gym’ where you can get Physical Therapy, Nutrition, a public workout space and a group personal training facility all under one roof. It will be the best of the health clubs around the country, with a little added.


What would you like your gym to be like?

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