The Stiff Price of Freedom



Did you know that professional or elite athletes usually get at least 3 to 4 sports massages per month. Why? In order to keep maintaining peak performance for muscles and connective tissue or as an aid in injury recovery. It can equally help athletes return to their sport faster after an event.

So if you can not get to a therapist or you do not have that kind of disposable cash, here are a few ways you can free up soreness and stiffness throughout the body.

I have come across 4 key areas we as humans are prone to building up tension. Freeing these areas will help bring ‘clean’ movement back through joints and reduce muscle pain and stiffness.


Why is this important?

While you may not necessarily be feeling the pain all the time, there are a few tell tale signs that your body isn’t ‘happy’.

Ask yourself these questions.

Can you bring a straightened arm over your head so that it touches your ear level?

Can you slide your hand down your leg and reach the same spot on both sides?

Can you bend over without your lower back hurting?

Are your hamstrings always tight?

Can you squat below parallel? (Hips below knee level).

Ball Work Rehab Titan Fit

The good news is that you can use a hard ball like pictured above to free your muscles up. You can get the balls from a pet store or a hardware store. For greatest relief rub over small surfaces of each section highlight so as to reduce pain and to help relax the muscles.

Always go across the direction of muscle fibres for greatest results.

Spend up to 3 minutes on any given area.

Never spend too much time on one area and always remember, if you hold on a sore area and the pain doesn’t subside, just move to a new area.


Good luck!

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