Nutrition & Diet

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Principles and Guidelines for Eating Healthy

Following a set of rules or principles is far easier than having to measure out portion sizes I think. So here is a list of steps to take that will help you manage your weight and stick to the Paleo meal plan.

  • Prepare fully sealable tupper ware lunch boxes and always have them in your house. You never know when you will need to leave unexpectedly.
  • Always cook extra food the night before for the following day. Now you have an excuse to use the lunch box.
  • Choose food types that are rich in colours and that grow from the ground where possible.
  • Choose food that has higher protein content for example, choosing Turkey 82% protein over Chicken, which is 42%.
  • Surround yourself with an abundance of fruit. Have a fruit bowel. Use it!
  • When cooking food, never blacken or brown food, with the exception of poultry and some fish. The value of food can change the more it is cooked.
  • Choose extra virgin olive oil over sunflower every time.
  • Choose salads over sandwiches & bread. Use flax seed oil instead of salsa dressing etc.


High nutritional fruits and vegetables and a smoothie beverage

To achieve greater weight loss results, stick to food that has a higher omega 3 content rather than omega 6. Eating nuts such as Hazelnuts, Almonds and Walnuts will deliver the required omega 3 although the ratio is tipped towards omega 6, so only a hand full of nuts per day is suitable for weight loss.

  • Have no more than 3 servings of red meat a week. Over doing it may result in gastrointestinal and/or other digestive problems in the future.
  • Have fish 3 or 4 times a week. Try and select fish that is whiter in colour as mercury levels affect the darker fish more.
  • Never starve yourself in an effort to lose weight. This will slow your metabolism down and increase fat production.
  • Eat leftover dinner for breakfast where available.
  • Stay clear of 99% of cereals from the supermarkets. With the exception of porridge and possibly an organic Muesli.
  • If you are hungry, first take a drink of water, wait 10 minutes, if you are still hungry, eat.
  • Give your-self 6 weeks of disciplined eating whereby you are extremely strict with what you eat. After this timeframe you are more than likely able to control your cravings. Although cravings can last up to a year with some people.
  • Make fruit and vegetables your staple food. Not potatoes. Only Sweet potatoes should be eaten.
  • Avoid dairy like the plague! Or any derivative there of!
  • Avoid chocolate, crisps, or any sugary sweets.
  • Have a cheat day whereby you can eat any dinner you want one time per week.
  • Stick to leafy rocket salad and spinach where possible.

Don’t be afraid of change! If you are eating the same things and are looking the same way, maybe a change is due.

Good luck to all our Titans and Titanides!!